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Pune: Trainee IAS officer in Pune Dr. Pooja Khedkar is currently in the limelight. The discussion of this Trainee IAS Officer, who is doing more rubab than the District Collector, has been heated due to the suspension action taken on him. Probationary IAS officer occupying private car with red light and collector’s ante chamber. Pooja Khedkar (Dr. Pooja Khedkar) is currently being heavily discussed. Now he has been transferred as Probationary IAS to Washim. They are accused of grabbing the anti-chamber of a senior officer, putting amber lights on a private Audi car and putting a board saying Maharashtra Government on the car. She was joined as Probation Assistant Collector in Pune district, but after this allegation, she has been removed.

IAS Probationer IAS After the exploits of Dr. Pooja Khedkar have come out, the details of her exploits are also being revealed. Why does she mention EX IRS (IT) in her social handle bio? Have they got the benefit of OBC reservation or differently abled category or both? How did he get his license to drive the famous Audi if he is partially blind? Many such questions are arising.

LBSNAA asked Detailed report about Dr. Pooja Khedkar
Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) has appointed trainee IAS officer Dr. Information is coming out that a detailed report has been called for about Pooja Khedkar. Trainee IAS Officer Dr. Pooja Khedkar had given her partially blind certificate to become an IAS. Also, they are accused of giving fake OBC caste certificate to get the post.

After the controversy, new information has also come to light about his efforts to get selected in the civil services examination. In his affidavit submitted to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), he claimed to be blind and mentally ill.

Partially blind, but still owns Audi, license to drive…
Pooja Khedkar used this disability certificate to get special concession for selection in UPSC. Not only this, Pooja Khedkar passed the exam despite getting low marks in the exam due to concessions. He had secured 841 All India Rank (AIR) in UPSC. Also, a medical test was required to confirm the disability certificate. However, Pooja refused to participate in the medical test as many as 6 times for one reason or another.

Why did Pooja, who drives an Audi despite being partially blind, avoid the medical test?
Pooja Khedkar, who passed the examination with a disability certificate, was called for medical examination once, twice or as many as six times. However, Pooja Khedkar refused to participate in the medical examination process 6 different times. He was called for the first medical examination at AIIMS, Delhi on 22 April 2022. But he refused to go for examination saying that he was infected with Corona. After that, again on May 26 and 27, he avoided the medical tests which were to be conducted at Delhi’s AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital for one reason or another. After that, he gave a reason for the trial on July 1.

He agreed to a medical examination on August 26, 2022, but also missed the mandatory MRI on September 2. The important thing is that the disability certificate was given by Pooja Khedkar. An MRI was to be done to verify the same. Instead of attending these medical examinations, Pooja Khedkar submitted an MRI report from an outside centre. However, UPSC rejected this report.

UPSC challenged Dr. Pooja Khedkar’s selection
Trainee IAS officer who shows more rubab than district collector. UPSC also challenged the selection of Dr. Pooja Khedkar. UPSC had challenged Khedkar’s selection in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). After that, the Central Administrative Tribunal had given a decision against Pooja Khedkar. Shockingly, despite the ruling against him, his MRI certificate was accepted, thereby securing his IAS appointment. Apart from the disability claim, discrepancies were also found in Dr. Pooja Khedkar’s OBC non-creamy layer status claims.

How to qualify for IAS?
In the election affidavit of Pooja Khedkar’s father Dilip Khedkar, his wealth was mentioned as 40 crores. How did Pooja Khedkar qualify for OBC Non Creamy Layer status considering her father’s wealth? This is a big question, RIT activist Vijay Kumhar has said. Dilip Khedkar contested the 2024 Lok Sabha elections on Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi ticket, so how will Pooja Khedkar break into the non-creamy layer? RIT activist Vijay Kumhar has also raised such a question. Also, Pooja Khedkar said that she is mentally ill. He has also said that he is partially blind and suffering from various diseases. However, Dr. Pooja Khedkar has repeatedly refused to participate in the medical test and yet Vijay Kumhar has raised the question of how she qualified for the IAS.

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