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DialogueCORE recently unveiled a new partnership with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF) during Shape the World Summit 2024 last 21 June at Changi Jewel, Singapore in front of more than 200 Changemakers from around the world.

Helmed by Dr. Farha Iman, Global Head of DialogueCORE, together with Dr. Brian Grim, President and Founder of RFBF, announced that this newly minted collaboration aims “to provide solutions at a larger platform and cover countries and regions from East to West” using faith-fluency and intercultural dialogue.

Founded in 2014, RFBF is an organization focused on “educating the global business community, policymakers, non-government organizations and consumers about the positive power faith — and religious freedom for all — has on business and the economy.”

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to combine efforts with the team at DialogueCORE and Consulus to promote workplace cultures where people of all faiths and beliefs are valued and belong,” said Dr. Grim. “I’m looking forward […] to help companies across Asia also showcase how their religiously inclusive workplaces benefit their bottom lines through increased retention and recruitment as well as foster stronger, more innovative teams.”

To date, RFBF has worked with leading corporations using the global Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index, a benchmarking measure for evaluating an organization’s dedication to incorporating religion and belief into its broader diversity initiatives. These companies include Google, Accenture, DELL, Equinix, Intel, Salesforce, Rolls-Royce, Baringa, KPMG, American Express, Bosch, ServiceNow, American Airlines, Citigroup, and more.

According to Dr. Iman, this partnership holds “great potential” since “the idea of bringing faith in business needs different levels of functioning, diverse understanding, and variety of expertise.”

“Together we will be able to bring holistic change in the business culture which will automatically bring stability and profitability in the world economy. Along with the employee’s wellness, we will be able to help businesses to develop products and services in such a way that it values and respects people of faith and faith of people,” she said.

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