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Libyan protestors set fire to parliament building The residents here are accusing the ruling people of betraying the public. The people here are facing severe power crisis in the scorching heat. The anger of the people struggling with this problem erupted at the Tobruk Parliament building in Libya. People set this building on fire. It is worth noting that this was the biggest demonstration of the last eight years in the capital Tripoli in the west of the country. Meanwhile, raising slogans, the protesters set the Parliament building in Tobruk on fire.

Interim Prime Minister with the people

Amidst this demonstration of the people, the interim Prime Minister of Tripoli-based government Abdulhamid Dbeibah has raised his voice in support of the concerns of the protesters. It is worth noting that the people are angry at the deteriorating conditions for living in this country and the political deadlock of months and because of this their anger has erupted on the Parliament House.
Bulldozer broke the gate of Parliament House
Significantly, on Friday, July 1, protesters stormed the Libyan parliament in the eastern city of Tobruk and set parts of it on fire, according to local media. They attacked the walls, after which the men burnt tires and set cars on fire, spreading black smoke. Thankfully, the building was empty on Friday in Libya as it was a weekend. There is no news of any death due to this.
The protesters waved the flags of the Gaddafi government
Libya is struggling with power cuts in the heat of summer. On top of that, the blockade of major oil facilities amid deep political rivalry has made the situation worse. During the demonstration, the protesters raised slogans, “We want us to have electricity.” Some of these protesters were also seen waving green flags of the Gaddafi regime.

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