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Pune: The Indian Army Contingent comprising of one battalion group is taking part in second edition of Tri Services India-US Amphibious Exercise “Ex Tiger Triumph 2024” along with Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.
 The 14-day exercise, commenced on 18 March 24, is being conducted in two phases with Harbour Phase at Vishakhapatnam followed by Sea Phase at Kakinada. The primary focus of the exercise is to enhance interoperability, strengthen bilateral relations, refine capabilities in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) and sub-conventional operations.
 The exercise has witnessed amphibious capabilities of the Indian Army in conventional and sub-conventional scenarios. The Indian Army is represented by an integrated Battalion group in the Exercise, with strength of 700 Army personnel, showcasing newly procured/inducted weapons and state-of-the-art technological infusions.
 The Indian Army contingent is represented by components from Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Para SF, Artillery, Engineers and other supporting Arms apart from assorted systems of multiple Drones, Anti Drone equipments, ICVs. The harbour phase included communication checks to ensure seamless coordination between the participating forces. Personnel from both countries exchanged visits to each other’s ships, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration. These interactions not only strengthened interpersonal bonds but also facilitated the exchange of best practices and operational techniques.
 The sea phase which commenced yesterday, involves strategic move to a simulated island country, setting the stage for a series of complex operations. The first major operation will be ship-to-shore move, demonstrating the precision and coordination required for amphibious operations. This includes, troops to swiftly disembark and establish a secure perimeter, showcasing their professionalism and readiness for challenging environments. Establishing an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp will be a key focus of the exercise, reflecting the commitment of both forces to humanitarian assistance.
The camp setup involves logistical challenges and coordination efforts, highlighting the importance of efficient planning and execution in disaster relief operations. Sub-conventional operations and joint drills will be conducted to enhance the operational capabilities of both forces in combating asymmetric threats. These exercises will include convoy operations, IED drills, cordon and search operations, and counter-ambush drills, demonstrating the readiness of the forces to tackle diverse challenges.

The exercise also includes Subject Matter Expert exchanges, cross board visits of Indian and US troops, friendly sports matches to foster camaraderie among the troops. The Joint training exercise with US Defence Forces demonstrates interoperability, joint operational capabilities and intelligence sharing between both the countries.

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