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Mumbai, October 2 : Narcotics are banned in India. But still it has come to light many times that some people are doing illegal drug trade in India secretly. The cost of narcotics is almost as high as Avva. So it is not possible for a common man to buy drugs. Of course there can be an exception. But it has come to light from time to time that illegal drug trade is going on in India. Because many times customs department and other departments have taken action and confiscated drugs worth crores of rupees. But still there is no decrease in drug smuggling and drug trafficking. Drugs worth 1476 crores were seized in a truck yesterday in Vashi city of Navi Mumbai. This time, the Customs Department has taken action at the Mumbai International Airport. Drugs worth Rs 35 crore have been found in this operation. So there has been a stir. Isn’t Mumbai a haven for drug traffickers? Such a question is being raised on this occasion.


The customs department has taken a huge action at the Mumbai airport. The customs department has seized drugs worth Rs 35 crore. A foreign national had brought these drugs to the airport. These drugs were found in his suitcase. He was bringing drugs into India by hiding them in trolley bags. But the officials of the customs department caught his theft. Five kg of high quality heroin was found in the bag of the accused foreigner. The price of this heroin is Rs 35 crore.
Customs officials have seized drugs worth 35 crores. Also, the accused foreigner has also been handcuffed. Where exactly did the accused bring these drugs? Who was he going to give those drugs to? Did he always bring drugs like this? Is it a gang of drug dealers? Who exactly did he bring drugs to India for? Who exactly was he going to sell those drugs to? Many such questions are being raised. It will be important to see what exactly the accused answers to this question.

Meanwhile, officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in Mumbai have also taken a major crackdown yesterday. Officers of DRI (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) had caught a truck from Vashi in Navi Mumbai yesterday. This truck used to transport imported oranges. A huge black market was busted after this truck was caught. There was a huge black market in these orange trucks. Because DRI officials have found drugs worth Rs 1476 crore in this truck, not just one or two. The officials were also shocked to see these drugs. How can the accused black market so smartly when drugs are banned? Officials are also puzzled by this thought.
After the DRI seized the concerned truck, it started searching what exactly was in the truck. The truck driver and the person accompanying him informed that there were oranges in the truck. But the authorities were suspicious. So they searched the truck. This time, 198 high purity crystal methamphetamine (ice) and 9 kg of high purity cocaine worth Rs 1476 crore were found in the truck. The officials were also shocked to see it.

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