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WASHINGTON – The American space agency NASA’s concern over the past several years has now come to an end. Because NASA’s ‘Voyager 1’ spacecraft started working as before. The NASA Voyager-1 probe has since several people reported that information will be transmitted back to the platform and that the problem will be resolved.

Voyager-1 is the farthest person in space beyond Earth. However, the Voice-1 spacecraft stopped sending readable data to Earth last November. Although the spacecraft has access to the information, it cannot send the necessary data back to Earth. This discovery was recently reported to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL Plus. JPL’s team has a bad problem and it’s in the lab that interferes with man’s shoe. Only, he has developed a code that fixes a technical glitch in Voyager-1. Now that Voyager-1 is back on Earth, NASA Voiser-Handle has described the spaceship as more capable than it was at the launch in 1977 It is currently 15 billion miles away from Earth. Voyager 1’s success in reaching 22.5 clocks is when both spacecraft launched Voyager 2. It is the 12th golden disk that aims to tell the story of our world, the English people said. In the future, they may also be sent to survey the outer solar system.

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