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Pune : India’s Allard University Pune is launching many new programs in various fields with its system. Accordingly, in the academic year 2024-25 beginning in Pune, Allard University Pune is considering the future of the students to offer Degree, Post-Graduation, and Ph.D. We are starting new and innovative courses in various subjects.


With the philosophy ‘We Are Allard, We Are Different’, Allard University Pune will now promote academic excellence based on the five pillars of Attitude, Leadership, Vigilance, Diligence and Dedication. Here, there will be 70 percent practical and 30 percent theoretical education and students will be guaranteed 100 percent internship. Such information was given by the university founder and chancellor Dr. L.R. Yadav said in a press conference.

Allard University Scholarship 2024-25 will be awarded to students who score high in the Allard Entrance Test to gain admission here. In which students will get 100, 75, 50 and 25 percent scholarship. Online Allard Entrance Test will be conducted here on the last Sunday of every month. This exam will be based on intelligence and not on language.

Dr. L.R. Yadav further said that various scholarships will be given to the children of parents who have worked for national service and upliftment of society. Defense Scholarship: 50 per cent for Seva Medal winners, 100 per cent for Valor Medal winners, 15 per cent for any defense service award, 100 per cent for sacrifice of life in line of duty,

Sports Scholarship (Recognized by Government): International medalists 100 percent, National medalists 75, State medalists 50, District medalists 15 percent.

Thanks Scholarship: Allard Group employees 50 percent, Allard Group ex-employees 25, Current student siblings 25, Alumni 50, Alumni extended family 25 percent.


25 percent scholarship will be given to all print and electronic media, 25 percent to freedom fighter families and 50 percent to orphans.


Detailed information about Allard University Pune:

Dr. L.R. Allard Charitable Trust was established in 1999 under the able leadership of Yadav. Continuing the legacy of excellence in education during Allard’s silver jubilee year, the Government of Maharashtra has awarded Allard University status for the academic year 2024-25. The university offers various scholarships to enable the future of the students. These scholarships, with merit-based and need-based awards, are designed to reduce financial barriers and enable deserving students to achieve their educational goals.

School sponsored by Allard University Pune
Allard School of Engineering and Technology:

0 Computer Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Electronics and Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Mechanical (Smart Manufacturing), Civil Construction and Management, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Vehicle, Robotic Automation, Cyber ​​Security and Forensic, Software Development and Digital Communication etc. are included.
0 Allard School of Management Programs – MBA, MCA, BBA and BCA

0 Allard School of Pharmacy Programs – D Pharm, B Pharm, M Pharm

0 Allard School of Health and Biosciences Program- B.H.A. M.H.A., M.P.H

0 B.Sc (Life-Sciences and Biotechnology) and Paramedical Courses

0 Allard School of Law Programs – LLB (3 years) and LLB (5 years)


0 Allard School of Design Program -BDES in Fashion Design, Product Design, Visual Communication, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts

0 PhD programs are running in every school program for research.

Each school has a PhD program in the Allard School of Interdisciplinary Research

In this conference, Secretary of the organization Dr. RS Yadav and Senior Director of Marketing Department of Allard University Pune PAVS. Shekhar was present.

Website; www.alarduniversity.edu.in, Toll free number :079699 90600


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