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Pune, June 11: Allard University, committed to promoting and supporting all sports in Talagala, has encouraged Maharashtra Premier League team Kolhapur Tuskers to play in Maharashtra. Along with this, he along with team captain Rahul Tripathi distributed sports scholarship letters to the students of the university. This information was given by the founder president and chancellor of Allard University. LR Yadav gave in the press conference. This time Dr. Ram Yadav, Kolhapur Tuskers captain Rahul Tripathi and Allard University Director of Marketing P.A.V. Shekhar was present.
State level medalist Shruti Mane in football was awarded 50 per cent scholarship and national medalist Kusum Kumawat in swimming was awarded 75 per cent scholarship. Simultaneously, scholarships were awarded to students from other departments such as Lalita Chaudhary, Harshvardhan Waje, Prithviraj Chavan, Shubham Joshi, Lt Col Avinash B Padiyar, Milton Das, Vishal Vedak, Chaitali Ghumre, Saumya Jha, Shravani Pujari, Shruti Mane, Kusum Kumawat.
Dr. L.R.Yadav said, to make the statement, Hum Alag Hai, Hum Allard Hai, a reality, the University underscored its commitment to promote athletic talent and provide excellent opportunities to young sportspersons. We are thrilled to support young athletes through our sports scholarships and sponsorship of Kolhapur Tuskers in the Maharashtra Premier League. Our university believes in holistic development of students and plays an important role in the field of sports. The ground here is equipped with modern sports facilities.
Kolhapur Tuskers captain Rahul Tripathi said, It is an honor for us to be associated with Allard University Pune. It is an organization that really puts more emphasis on sports and developing young talent. Sports scholarships and games in Talagala are important incentives for Kolhapur Tuskers and I am very excited to be a part of this initiative.

Allard University is committed to fostering a culture of excellence in sports and providing sports scholarships to talented students. This year Chancellor Dr. LR Yadav and Capt. Rahul Tripathi personally awarded the scholarship letters to the selected students. In which their extraordinary talents and abilities in various sports will be recognized.
Allard University is proud to sponsor the Kolhapur Tuskers team in the Maharashtra Premier League. The University is committed to partnering with grassroots sports to support sports and provide a platform for young athletes to shine.
The Maharashtra Premier League is a premier cricket tournament that brings together the best talent from across the state and also provides a competitive environment for budding cricketers.
To show everyone that hum alag hai, hum allard hai, the university has built a FIFA-sized field for playing football in its campus. World class facilities are provided here. which has created the best infrastructure for organizing various sports events and has enabled students to train and excel in their chosen sports. It is equipped for football, cricket and other major sports.

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