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Moving to Europe From USA: Millions of people living in many countries of the world live the dream of going to America and settling there. A dark truth of this country with dazzling and luxurious lifestyle has come to the fore in front of the world. It is that in this country, frightened by the gun culture and the deaths caused by it, the youth are rapidly migrating to Europe. This is a completely new trend, because what used to happen till now was that people who had retired in America used to settle in countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and France. But now in countries like Greece, Portugal, Italy etc., the number of Americans has increased by 45 percent compared to last year.

This reality also came to the fore
American people are also affecting the economy of other countries, according to one data, this trend has also been found that due to the arrival of Americans, the earnings of many Italian companies have increased. Increasing crime in America is being said to be the reason for migration, but along with this, weakening of US dollar and costly treatment in America is also one of the main reasons for migration.

Gun culture is the biggest reason for migration
American citizens easily lead a very good and comfortable life in other countries even for less money. The team of ‘Zee News’ spoke to Jane Williams and her family from Princeton, a large US city adjacent to New York, who have recently shifted to Portugal with her husband and children. According to him, the rapidly spreading gun culture in America and the daily deaths from it shook him to the core. That’s when she decided one day that she would not allow her children to live in this environment and after that she started looking for a country where there is peace and security in the environment. Where their children did not have to take loans for education and health facilities were also free, then their search ended in Portugal.

More than 4 crore people left their jobs
During Corona in America, the working class realized that they were unable to differentiate between personal and professional life. Because of this, more than 40 million people left their jobs in the US in 2021. During this, people keep trying to avoid going to the hospital due to expensive treatment. In such a situation, Americans increasingly started turning to European countries as an alternative to a better life.

Gun culture is the biggest problem after inflation
According to a recent survey, Americans believe that gun culture is their biggest problem after inflation. Americans believe that unlike their country, there is less crime in European countries and a plethora of welfare schemes. Along with this, the house is also available there at a low price. Anderson Michelle, a dancer living in Michigan, US, told Zee News that in the year 2020, she decided to change her lifestyle when a theater group in New York City fired her. She moved to Florence in early 2021 and is now living comfortably here.

US companies pay more, remote work also continues
In the course of investigating this story, the team of ‘Zee News’ contacted different American families. During this, many such American working professionals were also found who are living in Europe and doing remote work for American companies. In fact, in the countries of Europe, the salary ranges from 27 thousand dollars to 45 thousand dollars. Whereas American companies pay an average salary of 70 thousand dollars. In such a situation, people are not wanting to leave the work of these companies. People believe that if they earn from American companies and spend it in the countries of Europe, then their purchasing power will remain strong.

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