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Kyiv: Russia-Ukraine war is escalating and Ukraine’s nuclear power plant is under attack. Russia’s attack on an oil depot in Kiev has once again raised eyebrows. Missile attacks in various cities in Ukraine have not stopped. Russia has previously targeted several key parts of Ukraine. Earlier, Russia attacked a police headquarters in Ukraine. The police headquarters in Ukraine was severely damaged. Russia has again attacked Ukraine’s nuclear power plant. Russia has also targeted oil depots. In the war between Ukraine and Russia, on the one hand, there is a mighty Russia, and on the other hand, there is a small but powerful Ukraine. World War III is also seen as the third world war.

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. War is the 9th day. Attacks on Ukraine by Russia continue, and Ukraine has suffered heavy losses in this war. There have been massive human and financial losses. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba said Russian troops were targeting the Zaporizhzia NPP, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The Russian military is firing on the Porizia NPP, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, from all sides. Zaporizhzia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, was fired upon by Russian troops. The video of the shooting was tweeted by top advisers to the Ukrainian president’s office.

Russia and its allies in Ukraine need to put pressure on Russia and other countries around the world to deal with the damage done to the cities. This is because even before this, Russia had targeted many important parts of Ukraine. After that, Russia is trying to maintain its dominance by targeting one such important place after another. However, experts say that Russia’s image around the world is becoming more radical and violent. Now, whether it is an attack on Ukraine’s nuclear power plant or a Russian attack on an oil depot in Kiev, Ukraine is facing a major crisis. As Russia targets key locations in Ukraine, the crisis looms over Ukraine.

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