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Hindu students are being forced to study the Bible in many Christian convent schools in South India. In this context, it is being said that there is such a rule for admission in school; But basically the rule of any private school cannot be greater than the Constitution of India. The constitution gives every citizen the freedom to practice his religion. It is unconstitutional to force the teaching of the Bible by encroaching on it. Similarly, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has said that Bible compulsion at Clarence High School in Bangalore, Karnataka is a conspiracy to convert students.

It is immoral and against the law to allow other religious students to study in a Christian school and to make it compulsory for them to study the Bible. Students go to school to study, not to learn the Bible. There is a church for teaching the Bible. Convent schools should keep in mind that schools are educational institutions, not religious institutions. While Article 25 of the Indian Constitution gives freedom of religion to citizens of all religions, it is unconstitutional to force Hindu students to teach the Bible.

It is ridiculous to claim to be ideal citizens by teaching the Bible to young children; Why should the Bible be taught to be an ideal citizen? Then why shouldn’t Hindu children be taught Shrimadbhagavad Gita? Also, isn’t it against the privacy of Christian students who are atheists and do not want to learn the Bible to force them to do so? The headmaster of the school says that the school biblical rule is old, so it is correct; But in reality the constitution and laws in our country are above the school rules. Therefore, the school should be run within the framework of constitution and law. Constitution and laws are not made according to school rules. So if the school rules are unconstitutional, they must be changed. It doesn’t fit just because it’s old.


The same convent school opposes Yoga Day on June 21 in the name of religion. Yoga Day is celebrated around the world in Christian, Muslim, Buddhist countries; But in India, Yoga Day is denied as a Hindu practice and the school is secular, so how can the Bible be enforced in a school in a secular country? So Christian schools must first stop preaching Christianity in the name of biblical compulsion, otherwise it will be strongly opposed. The committee also said that the Karnataka government and the education department should take stern action against the forcible propagation of Christian schools and show those concerned that the law in the state is supreme.


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