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Kolkata: The reason behind Anwarul Azim Anar’s murder has been revealed. According to the Kolkata Police, the murder was a result of a gold smuggling case worth Rs 200 crore and the killer Jihad Havaldar cut the dead body of Anar into 80 pieces for only Rs 5000.

Jihad Havaldar was arrested by Kolkata CID team in connection with the investigation of this case. His inquiry is getting new information every day. Anar’s gold was smuggled with Akhtarujan Shaheen, a friend from America.

Where is the disposal?
5000 rupees by the havaldar Their bodies were cut into pieces. He brutally beat Anar and peeled the skin. After that, the body was cut into pieces and packed in a plastic bag and thrown away. They threw it in ponds in Krishnamati village of Bhangad in Dakshin Parganas district.

The dispute started over the allocation of Rs. 200 crore received. Shaheen had also threatened to kill Anar. A friend of his in America had paid a betel nut of Rs 5 crore to kill Anar.

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