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Controversy from gold smuggling

■ Joint investigation by India-Bangladesh


Kolkata/Dhaka: A police investigation has revealed that Anwarul Azim Anwar, a member of parliament of the ruling Awami League party in Bangladesh, was murdered in Kolkata after paying a betel nut of five crores. It has come out from the investigations of the investigation agencies of India and Bangladesh that the layers of honey trap and gold smuggling are also behind this murder. Meanwhile, the Kolkata CID comes to Sheilasti Rahman along with Jihad Havaldar, a butcherArrested for murder. The butcher cut the body into pieces The police agencies of India and Bangladesh have started a joint investigation into the murder. The person who dismembered the body has beeen arrested and is a butcher by profession. His name is Jihad Havaldar. He has confessed to killing MP Anwar along with other accomplices. Sheilasti pulled into the net MP Anwar was lured into the honey trap through Sheelasti Rahman. MP Anwar went to the flat with the woman on May 13It has been seen from the CCTV footage. Two contract killers had gone to the flat with Sheelasti. Anwar was killed after entering the flat | The police suspect that the thorn was removed by a close friend who paid five crore betel nuts. Chief Facilitator Shaheen Anwar’s close friend Aktarujma Shaheen is behind this murder. The police have expressed the suspicion that Shaheen killed Anwar by paying Rs 5 crore. Aktarujma Shaheen is a close friend of MP Anwar. between the twoThere was a partnership in the gold smuggling business. come on A dispute arose out of business. That is why Shaheen with the help of both Siam and Jihad has come forward with the preliminary information that MP Anwar was killed on May 13. Facilitator spread to America Shaheen came to Dhaka on May 10 after plotting the murder. On May 12, MP Anwar had come to Kolkata for treatment. May 13 Betel nut in Mumbai West Bengal Police has arrested Kasai Jihad Havaldar. Aktarujma, the mastermind of this murder, was arrestedIt has also come out from the investigation that he was specially summoned to Mumbai. Havaldar was given a betel nut amount of five crores. After receiving this amount, he stayed in a hotel in Kolkata. After it was confirmed that Roji Anwar was killed, Shaheen has spread to America via Nepal-Dubai. Shaheen holds US citizenship. The body was cut into pieces and thrown away On May 13, Anwar was murdered in the Kolkata flat of a man named Aman. After the murder, their bodies were dismembered.Polythene bag for disposal of body parts And trolley suitcases were used. After the murder, the body parts were kept in the fridge. After a few days, these fragments were thrown in parts of Kolkata. The blood stains in the flat were wiped off with bleaching power. Investigation has also revealed that Sheelasti brought bleaching powder and polythene bag, trolley suitcase from a shopping mall.

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