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Iraq (Iraq) fired 12 missiles at the US Embassy in Irbil (Missiles Fired on US Consulate) have gone. US security officials have given this information. The US defense official said that these missiles on the city of Irbil from neighboring country Iran (Iran).Iran) was fired from. A statement has been issued from both Iraq and America regarding this missile attack. Another US official said there was no damage and no casualties.

Iraqi officials said multiple missiles hit the US embassy. This building of the embassy is new and recently the staff has shifted here. The US official, on condition of anonymity, said that it is not yet known how many missiles were fired and how many of them landed. This incident happened soon after midnight and there is a possibility of heavy damage in it. At the same time, many videos of this incident have surfaced on social media as well.


It has been told in the video that several explosions occurred due to the missile fall and a huge fire broke out in the premises of the US embassy. In the video the sounds of explosion can be heard and the fire is also seen. An Iraqi official said that these ballistic missiles were fired from Iran. However, the official did not give further details in the matter. US officials have also not confirmed which type of missile it is. The US official said the Iraqi government and the Kurdish local government were investigating the matter.

America condemns the incident

The US condemned the incident, calling it a “derogatory attack and a display of violence against the sovereignty of Iraq”. The attack comes days after an Israeli attack near Damascus, Syria, in which two members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were killed. Iran’s foreign ministry strongly condemned Wednesday’s attack and vowed revenge. On Sunday, Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported the attacks in Irbil, citing Iraqi media, but did not say from where the attacks were carried out.


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