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Israel has started an investigation into whether China had hidden a bugging device in a gift given to an Israeli minister. A Haaretz report states that the Israeli Shin Bet security service is investigating whether China hid surveillance equipment in a thermal cup gifted to an Israeli minister after routine checks of the gift found to be ‘suspicious material’ Was.

China will also send the cup to the Ministry of Culture and Sports
The cup was sent from the Chinese embassy to the Minister of Science, Technology and Space, Orit Farkash-Hakkohen. The security agency has said that the incident is being investigated. The Ministry of Culture and Sports has reported that they have received a message from the Chinese embassy saying a cup is expected to arrive on Tuesday.

Why suspect a bugging device?
The security guards got suspicious about the gift when the alarm went off during the security check. After this, after a further investigation, GIFT has been transferred to Shin Bet Security Service on suspicion. After the incident, the Shin Bet contacted more government offices to locate these cups, although other ministry offices have said they have not received any such gifts from the Chinese embassy.

Israel beefs up security over eavesdropping spy device
Following the incident, security guards have been instructed to be extra vigilant regarding gifts from embassies or foreign governments. According to Haaretz’s report, Army Radio was the first to report the incident. According to Army Radio, these gifts could be eavesdropping spy devices or cameras.

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