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Online special dialogue on the topic ‘Convents are being forcibly converted!’


The intelligent daughter of a farmer named Lavanya from Tamil Nadu was studying in class X in a Christian run school. She committed suicide after being pressured to convert to Christianity. Every effort is made by Christians to convert in the areas of health and education. Hindu culture is being opposed in convent schools and all Christian-run schools are becoming centers of conversion. It is also getting political support. The Madras High Court has also raised questions in this regard, asserted the President of Hindu Makkal Katchi, Shri. Performed by Arjun Sampath. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is organizing ‘Convent Conversion Centers!’ He was speaking at a special talk on the subject.


At this time Shri. Sampath further said that due to conversion, Hindus have become a minority in districts like Kanyakumari. The government in the state is Christian. Chief Minister Stalin himself had publicly stated in a meeting that “this regime is only for minorities”. This has an effect on the administration here. Karnataka has passed an anti-conversion law. We have made the same demand in Tamil Nadu.

At this time, the senior journalist of the English daily ‘The Pioneer’, Shri. Kumar Chellappan said that the ‘Lavanya’ suicide case was not covered by any of the media here. The name of the school, the name of the girl or who is behind this incident was not given by the media. The mainstream media here includes Marxists, Christians and Muslims. Therefore, they do not publish news like conversion. The statements of Christian and Muslim fundamentalists are immediately covered by the local media. Chief Minister Stalin had stated that ‘Sanatan Dharma is the most dangerous’. Child welfare NGOs are run by Christians and Muslims. The government is not informed about the foreign funds received by these institutions. The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have a high incidence of child abuse. If there are Christian and Muslim accused in this, then such accused are backed by the local media. Now village after village are being converted. The misconception that ‘convent schools are the best’ has been created; But by running a school for Hindus, we can impart valuable knowledge to our children. He can be proved a good engineer, doctor, said Shri. Kumar Chellappan said.


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