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Pune- The teaching of Christianity from convent schools, conversion through various means has been going on for a long time. What exactly has been taught in convent schools since pre-independence times? What are the financial resources of convent schools? At least the present central government should inspect the convent schools which are centers of conversion, demanded Colonel Rajendra Shukla, a retired officer of the Indian Army. Organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, ‘Christian Convent or Conversion Centers?’ He was speaking in this online special conversation.

Easter Dhanraj, a student of Christian Studies in Telangana, said that the only goal since the time of the East India Company came to India was to convert Hindu students in convent schools set up by Christian missionaries. By converting Hindu students, they are trying to increase the Christian population, to make Hindus a minority, to make the country a state like Kerala. Delhi-based author Dr. Rinku Vadera said that since the pre-independence period of India, Christian missionaries have been involved in the education system of India to destroy the Hindu tradition. Their network is spread all over the country and even today the parents are assuming that the education of the convent is the best; But now Hindu parents are becoming more aware than before and are also protesting against wrongdoings in such schools.

National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Shri. Ramesh Shinde said that not only Bible teaching is being done in convent schools, but also a ‘Christian (Jesus) centered environment’ is being created. Hindu children are being forced to read the Bible in these schools. This is against the Child Protection Act. Education in every school in the country should be in accordance with the values ​​enshrined in the Constitution; But this is not happening anywhere in convent schools. Children are being bullied by teaching the Bible. So we are opposed to this. We urge parents of students in convent schools to come forward and lodge complaints. It should also be seen why these schools are being run with special facilities under ‘minority status’ even though majority of Hindu students are studying in many convent schools and educational institutions at present.

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