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Pune: You must love to drink sugarcane juice in summer. So guys, we are going to introduce you to a new sugarcane juice brand in the market. Parigha Foods is an ISO certified company that provides you with 100% hygiene eco-processed products of high quality and carefully crafted with the finest ingredients selected from fresh farm sources. A brand name Ruscane with natural juice has entered the market. One must enjoy drinking natural sugarcane juice with pineapple, mint and lemon.

The Ruscane brand is passionate about bringing you the purest, freshest sugarcane juice experience possible. The company’s commitment to quality and organic practices ensures that every sip you take is made with the natural goodness of carefully selected sugarcane. A commitment to innovation drives us to constantly break boundaries, explore new ideas, technologies and tastes and provide our customers with the perfect solution. Delivering you a patented technology preprocessed product.

In this journey we have also explored different natural flavors with sugarcane juice while redefining the art of juicing.

We are committed to sustainability, proactively looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. Also our commitment to integrity means we conduct our business ethically and transparently, earning the trust and loyalty of our customers, partners and employees, said Sameer Shelar.

Join us on a journey of taste and wellness as this brand harnesses the power of nature to deliver a truly exceptional juice experience. Welcome to Ruscane, where every sip is a celebration of purity and vitality.

Our customer satisfaction is at the top of this brand commitment. Our brand is sure to leave a lasting impression of excellence, purity and satisfaction.

India’s energy drink

Try the stimulating natural flavors of real desi sugarcane juice. Enjoy the pure taste of sugarcane juice, available in four attractive varieties:

The brand offers sugarcane juice with extra pineapple, sugarcane juice with extra ginger, sugarcane juice with extra lemon, sugarcane juice with extra mint.

Why Ruscane?

• Authenticity: Real desi sugarcane juice with no added sugar or coloring • Variety: Enjoy a range of flavors including pineapple, mint and lemon.

• Trusted Brands: Building relationships based on credibility and excellence

• Sanitation: Ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the manufacturing process.

• Taste purity

• Taste of enhanced natural flavors.

Health benefits

Nutritional benefits of sugarcane juice

• Natural energy booster

• Improve digestion

• Improve immunity

• Full of vitamin C and iron

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