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Mumbai, October 06 : Action has been taken against drug traffickers in large numbers in Mumbai for the past few days. Similarly, drugs worth Rs 80 crore have been seized at the Mumbai International Airport. A DRI team has detained a youth at the airport.
Mumbai Airport DRI team conducted a major operation at Mumbai International Airport. A citizen was detained for questioning and 16 kg of high quality heroin drugs were seized from him. It is said to be worth more than 80 crores in the international market. The name of this accused is Binu John. He will live here in Kerala. He had hidden heroin drugs in a trolley bag.
According to the DRI team, the action was taken at the airport based on a tip-off. Binu John was detained. When he was initially examined, nothing was found in it. But when the trolley bag was checked, drugs were found in the fake cavity.

Accused drug smuggler Binu John told the DRI team that a foreign national had paid $1,000 to take these drugs to India. This amount was given as commission. He also revealed the names of other accused. Based on this information, the DRI team is conducting further investigations. It is being investigated how many times the accused has brought drugs before and to whom they gave them.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, a woman who came from Kenya brought drugs worth Rs 5 crore in sandals at the Mumbai airport. It is estimated to cost Rs 4.9 crore in the international market.

On September 29, the customs department seized 490 grams of cocaine in a major operation at the Mumbai airport. The price of which in the international market was approximately Rs 4.9 crore. According to officials of the Customs Department, the cocaine was smuggled in sandals. All the accused in this case were arrested and produced in the court. After this, he has been sent to judicial custody.

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