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Pune: Every person who goes abroad for study, job or business is in a way an ambassador of that country. Because every person takes the history, geography, tradition, culture, education, heritage and value of their country with them when they go abroad. Therefore, it is the main responsibility of every Indian living abroad to be honest about his role, says retired IAS officer Srinivas S., former secretary to the President. Sohoni expressed.

Sohoni was speaking at a lecture on ‘Role of ambassadors in establishing mutual interest between two countries’ organized by Non-Resident Indians Parents Organization (NRPO) today. On this occasion, the president of NRIPO B. B. Kulkarni, Vice President Rajendra Mahulkar,

Editor of Nripo Jagat Vaidehi Kulkarni and Vidyadhar Deshpande were present. On the occasion of the Vasantik meeting of the members of ‘Nrupo’ organization, the Vasantik special issue of ‘Nrupo’ Jagat edited by Vaidehi Kulkarni was published by Sohoni.

Sohoni said, “Today there is a huge number of people going to different countries outside India for education, job or business. Indians who leave the mark of their work in high positions in foreign countries

They are a matter of pride for the country. On this occasion, Manisha Kulkarni won the first prize and Jaya Andhare Vaidehi Kulkarni won the first prize and the second prize was awarded to Jaya Andhare Vaidehi Kulkarni. Moderated by Vidyadhar Deshpande. Yogendra Natu thanked.

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