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India is a multilingual country. Hindi is the largest spoken language in our country with about 1600 dialects. This language is seen as a language that brings unity out of diversity. Today is National Hindi Day… On this day Hindi language got the status of official language. On this day, to honor the Hindi language, to bring the beauty of this language, Hindi literature to the world, this day is celebrated as National Hindi Day. (Hindi Divas) According to the 2011 census, about 43.63 percent of the people in India speak Hindi. Let us understand the history and importance of this day on the occasion of National Hindi Day today.

Independence was achieved on 15 August 1947 and two years after that on 14 September 1949, the Constitution Committee of India took the historic decision to make Hindi the official language of the Indian Union. Important provisions related to official language were made in Part-17 of the Constitution of India. Section 17 of Articles 343 to 351 states that Hindi is the official language of the Union of India and its script is Devanagari. Hindi got the status of official language on 14 September 1949. Due to this historical importance, 14 September is celebrated as ‘Hindi Diwas’ by Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti since 1953.


Hindi Diwas : Some interesting facts about Hindi language

Hindi Day was first celebrated in India in 1953 on 14th September.

Just as Hindi Day is celebrated in India, Hindi Day is also celebrated globally. World Hindi Day is celebrated on January 10.

There are more than 1600 dialects in India. The number of people speaking Hindi language is high among them.

Hindi is among the top five most spoken languages ​​globally.

The number of people speaking Hindi is increasing day by day. According to the 1991 census, 39.29 percent, 41.3 percent according to the 2001 census, and 43.63 percent according to the 2011 census speak Hindi.

Along with India, there are Hindi speakers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Guyana, Suriname, Mauritius, South Africa, America, Fiji, Britain etc.

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