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When we meet someone, sometimes we even feel the special smell coming from his body. It is said that every person’s body odor is unique and special. For this reason, each person can be identified by smell. Based on this, the police search for sniffer dogs. It is true that every body odor is different. The body of twins also smells different. Odor coming from our body has a special relationship with many things in the body. But do you know why this happens?

The specific odor that comes from a person’s body depends to some extent on the sweat produced by the sweat glands in his body. However, the main cause of this odor is bacteria on the skin surface of the body. A characteristic odor is produced after contact with sweat.


After the baby is born, the bacteria begin to grow

After the baby is born, the bacteria begin to enter, and the number increases as they get older. By the way, the number of these bacteria in the wet parts of the skin of the body is more than the dry parts.


These bacteria protect the skin and produce a characteristic odor
These bacteria also protect your body’s skin to a great extent. They live there forever. They become active when something happens to the skin. These help to keep the skin fresh. Bacteria that live in every body have a special smell when they come in contact with sweat. Because of this, the bacteria in each body are also different in one way or another.

Body odors emanate wherever we go
Even without sweat they create a special smell. Which comes from your body, when you come close to someone or even when you come in contact with air, your body gives off its smell. Wherever we go, where we sit, our smell also comes.

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