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08th March is globally being observed all over the world as the International Women’s Day for observing, addressing and celebrating achievements of Women in the field of education, economy, culture, sports, security, health and pride.

It is being observed to create awareness amongst and amidst the women/girl about their rights duties and responsibilities for a nation building.  It promotes unity amongst the women to fight against gender discrimination exploitation abuse and child labour.  It strives to inculcate, imbibe and spread message of liberty, equality, fraternity, justice and equanimity.

Office of the PCDA (O), Pune observed and celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD 2022). The event was graced by Dr. Pradnya Chavan, Sr. Specialist (Pathology), Chief Medical Officer, Ordnance Factory Kirkee as a Chief Guest.

The function started with the auspicious lighting of Lamp by Chief Guest followed by inaugural welcome address by Smt Arati Ray Chaudhury, IDAS, ACDA.

Thereafter, keynote address of the Chief Guest was given on Health and Welfare of Women by Dr. Pradnya Chavan, Sr. Specialist (Pathology), Chief Medical Officer, Ordnance Factory Kirkee.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest imparted special guidance to the audience on how to balance professional career and personal life and the ways and means to steer it to have a peaceful, graceful life of honor dignity, safety and security. With varied colour facets of observing in these challenging time of stress strain and terror. She also highlighted the importance of healthy lifestyle and of self care.  She added that society’s progress can be gauged by assessing and ascertaining the growth, development and prosperity of the women living in it.  Women are the lighthouse of every home and home is illuminated by the brightness spread by them. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Finally she added that one need to be master of her forte and captain of her sail. We must not wish for betterment but indeed work for achieving it, she exhorted to audience.

A Momento was presented to Chief Guest to commemorate the occasion and vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Seena Thomas, IDAS, ACDA.

A brief cultural event was arranged where audience voluntarily performed and expressed their thoughts on significance and importance of Women’s Day.

All the COVID – 19 precautionary measures guidelines as per WHO, ICMR, Epidemic Act were kept in mind while arranging the function and appropriate COVID -19 behavior was followed in letter word spirit and act.

The program was compared by Smt Geetam Misra, Auditor and attended by Smt Arati Ray a, IDAS, Smt a Thomas, IDAS, Smt Shobhana Surendran, AO, Smt M K Niharika, AO and Smt Shilpi Sahai, AAO along with all Women Employees.

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