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In Arunachal Pradesh, Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently inaugurated the statue of Lord Parashuram at the Parashuram Kund site, and the Arunachal Pradesh government proposed to the Center to name the airport locally for the first time in Arunachal Pradesh. In the background of these events, a local newspaper announced that ‘Arunachal Pradesh is being saffronised’. Will BJP bring ‘Parashuram Kund’, ancient culture, tradition, religious place in Arunachal Pradesh? There was an incident in Arunachal Pradesh where a woman was burnt alive for not converting to Christianity and a minister inaugurated a major Christian initiative. Why did Arunachal Pradesh’s newspapers not print ‘Arunachal Mein Foreign Colonialism’ at that time? Some newspapers in Arunachal Pradesh are owned by Christian missionaries and some political partiesThe mouthpieces have been made. They have hatched a conspiracy to destroy Hindu culture. Also, the large number of conversion attempts being made by Christian missionaries should be thwarted, Mr. said. Performed by Kuru Thai.
He was speaking at a special dialogue on the struggle of ‘Hindus in Arunachal Pradesh’ organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. At this time the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Shri. Satish Korekar spoke to him.
Mr. Kuru Thai further said that Arunachal Pradesh is the penance land of Hindus and Hindus are in majority there. Despite having a Hindu majority in Arunachal, anti-Hindu propaganda is spread. Arunachal Pradesh is home to 40 different scheduled tribes. These people worship the sun, moon, rivers, mountains, trees etc. Although these tribes are Hindus, but efforts are being made to separate them from Hinduism. The Arunachal Pradesh government enacted the Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, 1978 to preserve the culture and prevent religious conversion. The Act is yet to be implemented and Hindutva organizations are demanding its implementation. Hindus are being converted due to excessive money coming from abroad and lack of government control, casteism, illiteracy etc. Church missionaries pretending to be saviors of the poor; But here the houses of the poor are dilapidated, while the luxurious churches stand here. Before preaching, Christian missionaries spy on the heads of their respective regions, the poor, the needy, etc. and help them by showing them the lure of jobs and converting them.

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