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Pune: Maestro Realtek, an esteemed strategic partner in the real estate sector, is poised to set a benchmark in luxury living. Introducing its luxury living project, Codename THE EXCLUSIVE, in collaboration with UNITARY Properties and ESSON Landmarks, this project is situated in one of NIBM Pune’s most premium locations.

This lifestyle project, located centrally in NIBM, assures a high-end luxury lifestyle. It features a premium single tower with exclusive 81 private apartments. Each floor consists of 4 corner apartments and boasts private rooftop amenities, making it the perfect destination for luxury homebuyers. The single landmark tower stands tall with 22 floors, offering a magnificent elevated lifestyle. This 3 Bed Prive’ apartment project provides optimum space, privacy, and top-class amenities, making it a one-stop destination for a great lifestyle.

As the name suggests, the project encompasses all exclusive features that epitomize a luxurious lifestyle. With only 3 Bed Prive’ apartments, the project focuses on delivering more spacious living rooms with attached balconies and walk-in wardrobes, which are just the cherry on the cake. The property is designed with vast compliance to make it a suitable living choice for homebuyers.

Mr. Nitin Gupta, Founder & Managing Director of Maestro Realtek, expressed his views, stating, “As we know, great ideas require excellent execution. Maestro Realtek, in collaboration with UNITARY Properties and ESSON Landmarks, is thrilled to announce the launch of our new project codenamed ‘The Exclusive.’ This project offers an all-in-one package of luxury homes with the finest amenities for discerning buyers. Every detail of this lavish project, featuring only a limited number of 3 Bed Preive homes, makes it truly unique.”

Pranay Oswal, Director at UNITARY Properties, stated, “With experience over a decade in the industry and a vision to deliver the finest luxury homes, we have introduced the Codename EXCLUSIVE project. Our focus has been on providing top-notch amenities along with optimal privacy. It brings us immense pleasure to collaborate with Maestro Realtek for this exceptional luxury home project”.

Adesh Agarwal, Director at ESSON Landmark, expressed his views, stating, “Our motive is to prioritize customer satisfaction and meeting the exact expectations of homebuyers. The idea behind this project, Codename EXCLUSIVE, is to create a luxury home project that caters to all the aspirations of a luxury homebuyer”.

The rooftop amenities include a Corner Gymnasium providing a private corner view and an infinity swimming pool on the rooftop, aspiring to offer the best luxury experience. Additionally, the project offers indoor amenities such as a library, indoor games lounge, Co-Working space, Crèche, Toddler’s play area, Yoga lounge, and a beautiful viewing gallery.

Outdoor amenities comprise a multipurpose court, a Kid’s outdoor play area, a Gazebo, a Jogging Track, a Screen plantation, a Feature Wall, and a mini high street. NIBM has emerged as the new contemporary green lifestyle hub in line with top areas of Pune like Koregaon Park and Boat Club Road. The project is strategically situated with speedy access to exclusive restaurants, party places, top-quality supermarkets, and schools. Thus, the project ensures not only a private high-end luxury life within the apartments but also caters to the best social luxury lifestyle right outside your home.

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