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Mumbai: The Maharashtra State Goods & Services Tax Department has maintained its fast pace in strict action against tax-fraudsters by arresting the Director of M/s.Everant Feromat Private Limited under the charges of accepting bogus invoices of Rs.162 Crore; & thereby availing a fake Input Tax Credit of Rs.29.17 Crore.

The taxpayer dealing in Metal & Scrap was found to have been accepting bogus invoices from non-existent dealers.  Upon investigation; the Directors of the company could not explain the bogus transactions with the non-existent entities; nor could they discharge the liability on the fake Input Tax Credit issue.

Hence, the Maharashtra State GST Department arrested the Director of the company on the evening of Thursday, the 17th February, 2022 from Girgaon, Mumbai.

The Metropolitan Magistrate has sent the accused to 14 days of judicial custody.

The team led by Assistant Commissioner of State Tax Shri. Ramchandra N.Meshram, executed the entire operation.

The Maharashtra GST Department has so far arrested the errant taxpayers involved in 16 different tax evasion cases & has unearthed fake ITC scams involving bogus billing of more than Rs.3000 Crores.

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