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Pune: War is raging in the world. Terrorism, bloodshed, selfishness are conspiring to spread human unrest. As such, Maharashtra is the land of saints. The thought of this great saint will serve to convey to the world the message of world peace, brotherhood and human welfare. The thoughts of the philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Saint Tukaram Maharaj will reach the world from this land. Mahakarashtra gave ideological, spiritual and cultural thought to the country. Dada Idate, National Chairman, Commission for Nomadic Tribes, expressed the feeling that Maharashtra will now work to show the world the path of peace.

Myers MIT World Peace University and MIT Art, Design and Technology Rajbagh, Pune jointly inaugurated the 8th World Parliament based on Science, Religion and Philosophy.
On this occasion, former president of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Shilansa in Ayodhya, Dr. Ramvilas Vedanti, Hanumangadi chief Mahant Ramdas, computer expert Padmabhushan Dr. Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Senior Scientist Padma Vibhushan Raghunath Mashelkar, Founder President of MIT World Peace University Pvt. Dr. Vishwanath Da. Rahul Vishwanath Karad, Executive President of MIT World Peace University, Pvt. Dr. Mangesh you. Karad, Pvt. Swati Chate Karad, Dr. Suchitra Nagre- Karad, Dr. R. M. Chitnis and Drs. Milind Pandey was present.

Dada Idate said, “This is not a Dharma Parishad, it is a Vichar Parishad. Knowledge and science are coordinated here. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj wrote Dnyaneshwari for world peace and human welfare. It says that work should be done for the development of generation, exploited and ordinary citizens. Religion does not mean religion, but a group of religions. Peace in the world will be established only through religion.


Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar said, “This dome is not just a building, but a temple that conveys the message of spirituality. The combination of science and spirituality will create a holistic world. Only the thoughts of Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi can bring peace to the world. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has created an atmosphere of concern in the world. In Karnataka, a schoolgirl is said to be wearing hijab. Controversy over eating and drinking is the cause of all unrest and war. Dedication of Gita Gyan Bhavan is important for the world. The most systematic summary of sustainable technology is in the song. Thought, conduct and values ​​are the science that will tell the essence of life.


Dr. Vijay Bhatkar said, “Mankind will be shown the path of welfare through this conference. World peace will be established only through the integration of science, religion and philosophy. Students will get spiritual education from such Dharma Parishad. The realization of truth can only come from spirituality. Everyone should take initiative for the overall development of the world. ”

Prof.Dr. Vishwanath Da.Karad said, “All Dharma Granths are the true scriptures of life. The scriptures teach the art of living. Indrayani is the land of knowledge and Badrinath is the head of that land. Religion is not just a concept, it is a saga of universal welfare. Don’t add superstition to faith, decide the direction of human welfare through faith ”.

Rahul Vishwanath Karad said, “This building will send a message of world peace to the world. Science and spirituality are intertwined here. Information about this dome will be given in all the universities of the world. It is our intention to spread the message of world peace through students ”.

Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad said, “World War III is on the rise. Neighboring relations are deteriorating. As a result, unrest is spreading in the world and fear is being created. The politics of terrorism and coercion are killing innocent civilians. Establishing peace in such an environment is a challenge for all.

Prof. Dr. Hosted by Gautam Bapat. Vice Chancellor of MIT WPU Dr. R. M. The secretary thanked him.

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