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Farnborough, 18 July 2022 – The Moroccan Forces Royales Air have ordered a fleet of H135s  for military primary training missions. The light twin-engine H135, a reference helicopter in  the segment, will be used for training pilots to perform a wide array of demanding missions  including utility and search and rescue.

“We are proud that the Forces Royales Air have selected the H135 for their training  missions. It is a reliable, cost-efficient multirole helicopter that is ideally suited to transitioning  to more complex aircraft,” said Arnaud Montalvo, Head of Africa and Middle East at Airbus  Helicopters. “We are sure that the H135s will be a great asset to their fleet and we look  forward to bringing them the best support in cooperation with our strategic partner Heliconia  with its entry into service in the country,” he added.

The contract also covers an extensive support package including the delivery of Flight  Training Devices and the training of instructor pilots and maintenance pilots. The training  programme will enable the Forces Royale Air to take full advantage of the H135’s multi mission capabilities such as NVG and winching.

With over 130 units operated by military agencies worldwide for training missions, the IFR certified H135 is a proven benchmark for military training helicopters globally, having already  achieved more than 400,000 military training flight hours. This new order expands the global  fleet to 12 military customers, including the armed forces of the United Kingdom, Australia,  Germany and Japan.

Equipped with Airbus Helicopters’ state-of-the-art Helionix avionics suite, the H135 offers  optimal safety conditions for basic and advanced mission training, while providing a platform  for easy and safe pilot transition onto more advanced helicopters.

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