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On the 62nd day of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Russian Federation claimed that unidentified individuals blew up a regional radio station in the disputed territory of Transnistria on Tuesday. Russia also stated that a regional radio station in Transnistria transmitted Russian radio programming. Transnistria is a breakaway pro-Russian separatist territory between Ukraine and Moldova. As per TASS, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that after the attack two of the most powerful antennae, one megawatt and the other half-megawatt stopped working.

The Ministry also announced that there were no injuries among the personnel of the radio station or locals. It also stated that there were two explosions, which were reported at 6:40 and 7:05 am Moscow time, respectively. At the moment, the police and sappers are on the spot. Unconfirmed photographs show smashed windows in the building, according to TASS.

On the other hand, multiple explosions were reported near the State Security Ministry headquarters in Tiraspol, Transnistria. Unknown assailants fired hand grenade launchers at the Pridnestrovie Ministry of State Security’s building on Monday, damaging the building’s upper floors. However, no one was injured. Deputy of the Supreme Council of Transnistria’s legislature, Andrey Safonov stated that the grenade launcher bombardment of the building was a ploy to create panic and anxiety. This comes as, several anonymous complaints of widespread mining of schools, medical institutions, shopping malls and other facilities were received by Transnistria’s government agencies in March.


Since a 1992 battle with Moldova, Transnistria, which is a strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine with a population of around 470,000 people, has been under the control of pro-Russian separatist authorities. Russia stationed roughly 1,500 soldiers there as peacekeepers, but there are fears that they may be deployed to invade Ukraine from the west, according to media reports. In the meanwhile, on Sunday, US and Ukrainian officials addressed the likelihood of Russian President Vladimir Putin pushing his attack on Moldova, which like Ukraine, is also a former Soviet republic and non-NATO member in Eastern Europe.

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