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New York: As many as 18.1 crore children under five years of age worldwide are malnourished, according to the latest report of UNICEF. This means that 27 percent of the world, or every fourth child, is still deprived of essential food.

Poverty is the main reason why children do not get enough nutritious food. It has been seen that even children from rich families are malnourished as the food provided is not perfect. Malnutrition among children is critical in 100 countries.

65% of malnourished children are in 20 other countries including India.
35% of children are from families considered extremely poor. It said that 23% of malnourished children come from families considered to be extremely wealthy.

Also, in nearly 100 middle-income countries, 44 crore children under the age of five are malnourished.

How much malnutrition?

Country. Terrible Medium

Afghanistan 49% 37%

Pakistan 38% 47%

Bangladesh 20% 46%

Nepal 8% 44%

Maldives 6% 23%

Sri Lanka 5% 17%
India 40% 36%

Children under the age of five have serious health consequences if they do not get proper nutrition. These children grow up with age but the physical growth is not done properly. Most children have a normal daily diet of rice and milk; But this diet is not enough. These children have a 50 percent chance of being malnourished. Children should get adequate amounts of all types of vitamins, minerals and proteins for full body growth.

-Katherine Russell, UNICEF, Executive Director

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