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Pune: at Bal Gandharva Kala Dalan An exhibition titled “Chitrangada” has been organized through paintings by Dr. Bikash Aich, which tells stories and is picturesque. It was inaugurated by famous painter Shailesh Sonawane. Commodore Rajan Veer, Dr. Anita, Ajith, Shibani, Bhagat Vijay, Dr. Sharmistha and many painters were present on this occasion.

The exhibition “Maratha Armour” series brings to life the rich history of Maratha warriors, bravery, through powerful and detailed images. “Swiss Train View”, a picturesque landscape of Switzerland that shows the peace and beauty of a scenic train journey, “Various and natural forms of Lord Ganesha, school children drawn through fog and mist, rickshaw-pullers, object pictures like Bhandardara waterfall, fruits, flowers, monochromatic paintings should be seen.

feel Kerala, Konkan and Himalaya pictures, nature pictures from Mulshi, Pune and Konkan vividly depict life, culture and everyday moments. A total of 72 fascinating, mind-blowing and pleasing paintings by Shibani Ich through the medium of acrylic and water color have been included in the exhibition.

The exhibition held at Bal Gandharva Kala Dalan till June 3, 2024 is open to all from 10 am to 8 pm. Dr. It has been told by Dr.bikas Aich.

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