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moscow: Today is the fifth day of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. During this, events are changing rapidly. In the midst of the war, the Russian government has taken a big decision. Actually, Russia has decided to ban flights from 36 countries. This restriction will be applicable on flights coming from countries like UK and Germany. The country’s aviation authority has given this information.

Russia’s decision comes after the European Union has decided to close its airspace to Russian airlines. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has canceled a visit to the United Nations in Geneva due to the EU airspace restrictions. This information has been given by the news agency AFP quoting the Russian mission.
Earlier on Sunday, the European Union’s chief executive said that her association of 27 countries had decided to close its airspace to Russian airlines and provide funds for arms supplies to Ukraine. Along with this, a decision is being taken to block some media outlets of the Kremlin in protest against the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Let us tell you that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has divided the world into two factions. On one hand, a country like India is trying to remain neutral, while China and Pakistan have also kept a distance. Apart from this, Western and European countries like America, Britain, France, Germany have come openly in front of Russia. Many of these countries have spoken of providing military weapons to Ukraine and other help. NATO chief announced on Monday the supply of anti-tank weapons and missiles to Ukraine. So far, aid has been announced from Ukraine on behalf of a total of 21 countries.

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