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Cairo – “Russian Helicopters” Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) will present a wide range of military and civil helicopters to potential customers at the international defence exhibition EDEX-2021, which will be held from November 29 to December 2, 2021, in Cairo. At the holding’s exposition, guests and participants of the exhibition will have a chance to get acquainted with attack helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-35P as well as with military transport Mi-17V-5.

Today, the countries of Middle East and North Africa have one of the world’s largest fleets of Russian helicopters, with over 500 Russian and Soviet-made rotorcraft in operation in the region. The holding’s specialists will present various service solutions to local operators in order to ensure airworthiness and timely maintenance of Russian helicopters.

Partnership with Middle East countries in the military-technical sphere has already become traditional for Russian Helicopters. At EDEX company’s specialists will continue the work that started just a couple of weeks ago at the Dubai Airshow, where Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters were first presented and aroused strong interest. At the same time, the holding company is interested in further expanding its civil cooperation, considering recent international premieres of Ka-226T Climber and Ansat Aurus as a pillar for enlarging order portfolio in the region.Back in October 2018, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi assessed Ka-52 Alligator capabilities during a visit to an Egyptian air force base. Rotorcraft can provide target reconnaissance, assignment, and hardware target destination. Ka-52 is equipped with devices to reduce visibility, has electronic protection and active anti-combat systems. Advanced flight characteristics – achieved in part thanks to its coaxial rotors – make the helicopter highly manoeuvrable in limited space and thus able to adopt an advantageous attack position. The Ka-52 Alligator offers a high degree of protection to its crew, has advanced automated systems for ease of piloting, and is easy to service and maintain on the ground.

Mi-35P has excellent flight characteristics and can be effectively used in high temperature and altitude conditions. It has a design that ensures low acoustic visibility and increased combat survivability, which also reduces maintenance complexity. The helicopter is equipped with an upgraded observation and sighting system with a 3rd generation matrix long-wave thermal imager, a high-resolution color TV camera and a laser rangefinder. This rotorcraft also has state-of-the-art generation 3+ night vision goggles and a set of external and internal lighting equipment adapted to these goggles’ applications. Adding to that, the rotorcraft received a new digital piloting complex with improved controllability, which simplified an automated piloting process.

Mi-17 is a medium multi-purpose helicopter, an export modification of the Mi-8. High flight performance and versatility made this series one of the most popular Russian-made helicopters in the world.

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