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New Delhi: A major accident of a SpiceJet plane going from Delhi to Jabalpur has been averted. An emergency landing of the aircraft has been made after seeing smoke in the cabin passing through 5000 feet. It made a safe landing at Delhi airport this morning. According to Jagran correspondent Bhagwan Jha, there were more than 100 people in this plane, whose lives were narrowly saved. Please tell that there was so much smoke in the plane that people were seen swinging the fan with their hands.

Jabalpur sent by another plane
According to the information, this flight took place at 8 am. In which suddenly there was a stir among the people seeing the smoke spreading rapidly. After this the aircraft made an emergency landing. It is being told that after this all the passengers have been sent to Jabalpur by another plane.
A big accident was averted even before last month

Earlier on June 19 last month, a fire broke out in a SpiceJet flight from Patna to Delhi. The fire that broke out due to a fault in the aircraft’s engine left the passengers in a tizzy. There were 185 passengers on board during that time. However, the airline had said that the accident happened due to a bird colliding during the flight.

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