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WASHINGTON: A major accident has occurred in the United States. The bodies of 46 people have been found in a tractor-trailer in Texas, USA. The incident has been uncovered in San Antonio. The truck was found near a railway track south of the city. The Pallis of San Antonio have not yet commented on the matter.

Police vehicles and ambulances can be seen around the truck in photos posted on the KSAT channel’s Twitter account. The truck is said to be trying to enter the United States illegally. This is because the place where the truck was found is 250 km from the US-Mexico border. The dead in the truck were migrants, said Adriana Rocha Garcia, head of the city council.


Police have arrested three persons in this connection. Also in 2017, a truck full of the bodies of 10 immigrants was found in Texas.


According to the San Antonio Fire Department, 16 people were hospitalized Monday night, four of them minors. He was hospitalized with heatstroke. All three migrants were taken to the Methodist Metropolitan Hospital, where their condition is stable. All of them were sitting inside the closed truck and their health deteriorated due to the heat. Temperatures in Texas reached 40 degrees Celsius on Monday.

The nationality of the deceased is unknown

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Abrad has responded. He described it as a tragedy in Texas by tweeting. He also informed that the local consulate was reaching the spot. The nationalities of all the dead found could not be ascertained. Large numbers of immigrants have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months. It is against this backdrop that the Biden government’s immigration policy is being criticized.

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