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Pune: “When women are proving their abilities in various fields from literature, do women have any choice?”, a group with the mentality is still seen in rural areas. Writers should keep writing to eliminate this gap and disparity,” said senior poet-writer Dr. Aruna Dhere gave it on Sunday.

She was speaking from the post of president at the inauguration of the second state level Mahila Sahitya Samelan organized by the Pune branch of We Siddha Lekhika. This one-day meeting was inaugurated by Usha Chandurkar, Thane District Trustee of the organization

done by hand On this occasion, Jyotsna Chandgude, President of the Pune Division of the Institute, Dr. Vaishali Mohite, Vice President Meena Shinde, Reception President of the meeting Adv. Prarthana Sadawate, Padma Hushing, Vaishali Raje, Savita Ingle etc were present.

Dr. Dhere said, “The rebellious tone of women’s literature in the twenty-first century has moderated compared to the twentieth century, and the words written by women are changing now. The patriarchal mentality limited Khian’s life, stunted his world of experience. But although women were deprived of the knowledge tradition, they were not primitive or unintelligent, but talented and intelligent. This talent of women is seen in saint tradition and folk tradition.”

Usha Chandurkar said, “The revolution in media and the growing trend of parents towards English medium schools have adversely affected Marathi literature and created apathy towards it. Unless parents consciously introduce children to the Marathi language, children’s awareness of the Marathi language will not expand.”

Moderated by Chinmayi Chitnis. Seminars, revealing interviews, poetry gatherings and Ghazal Mushairas were held throughout the day.

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