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Pune: On the occasion of World Schizophrenia Day by the organization ‘Saa’ i.e. Schizophrenia Awareness Association. Aditya Pendse’s memorial seminar was organized on the topic ‘Saathi Haath Badhana’. At the beginning of the program, an audio-visual short film based on complementary therapies in the rehabilitation center at ‘Saa was shown.

Since the theme of World Schizophrenia Day this year is Community Kindness, Dr. Shirisha Sathe started the program following him.


In the seminar, Dr. Vidyadhar Watve challenged that all professionals working in the field of mental health need to work together. He also expressed the wish that there should be a facility to get admitted in psychiatric department in big hospitals. He also said that the Mental Health Care Act 2017 has been made from the point of view of mentally ill persons which should be from the point of view of psychiatrist or doctor.


Dr. Nischal Rawal said that it is necessary for mentally ill people to have faith in doctors and he said that it is equally important to respect every professional according to his education. According to him, we should take these medicines for mental illness just like we take medicine for other diseases. He also opined that a mentally ill person can do any kind of work or get employment.



Sameer Lele, being a mental patient, presented his thoughts about the treatment and labeling of the disease by the society and expressed his strong opinion that there should be a change in the society. He said that there should be counselors in schools and colleges so that early warning signs of mental illness can be noticed. From their astrological experience it appears that mentally ill persons are more inclined towards astrology than psychiatrists and doctors. Dr. By Shirisha SatheHe said that it is equally important for professionals working in this field to have practical knowledge along with book knowledge. The program concluded with the line “Man to man as man”. The program was moderated by Komal Amle and the introduction was given by Nita Koparkar, Vice President and Treasurer of SA and vote of thanks was given by Anuradha Patil, Joint Secretary of Saa.


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