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Singapore – Airbus, together with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) of Singapore have signed two agreements that will see both parties expand their collaboration in the area of aerospace training.

The first is a Memorandum of Understanding, in which Airbus will support ITE in developing future generations of engineers and mechanics in accordance with the aviation industry’s standards.

This will be achieved through the enhancement of ITE’s training programme and curriculum to meet the aircraft manufacturer’s standards and better address the needs of new generation aircraft such as Airbus’ A350. Under the agreement, Airbus will work with ITE to augment their basic maintenance training curriculum by co-developing composite structure repair training and extending  instructors’ competencies.

In addition Testia, an Airbus company, will support ITE in developing Non Destructive Testing capability for their education curriculum. This includes the development of practical sessions and group projects, as well organising technology talks for students, in line with the latest industry trends.

“As the aviation industry undergoes transformation, it has become paramount for us to equip our students with the knowledge and skills for new materials and maintenance standards. The partnership with aviation leader, Airbus, as well as Testia, will enhance the training programmes at ITE to equip aviation professionals with relevant skills. We are also honoured that with this partnership, we can strengthen our curriculum and work towards being the first educational institution in Singapore to be recognised by Airbus to support the basic maintenance and structure repair training for the next-generation aircrafts,” said Low Khah Gek, Chief Executive Officer of ITE.

“Quality training is key to help mechanics develop and maintain both competences and confidence and to ensure safe & efficient operations while reducing Operators & MROs training efforts and associated costs,” added Valerie Manning, Senior Vice President, Airbus Training & Flight Operations Services.

“Supporting academies in bringing the training effort upstream in the education path helps prepare young aerospace students for a career in the aviation industry. Airbus is committed to equipping them with the necessary skills to acquire basic knowledge of modern aircraft to meet their career challenges, and supporting operators and maintenance organisations by minimising additional costly and time-consuming training efforts after recruitment,” she added.

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