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America Firing: Incidents of firing in America are coming to the fore on a daily basis. There has been an incident of firing in Indiana on Monday morning, in which at least 4 people are being told the deaths. According to the information received there, 2 people are also said to be injured in the incident. The incident is of Greenwood Park Mall where a gunman armed with a rifle entered the food court and started firing.

At the time of the incident, some people tried to snatch the rifle from the accused and caught him. According to the latest information, the accused has been killed. At the same time, after getting information about the incident, the security forces completely surrounded the area and started investigating the matter.

Firing took place even in the first week of July

Let us tell you, even in the first week of July, the incident of firing was seen in Indiana. There was a shootout during a party in Gary City, Indiana. In this incident 3 people died while many people were seriously injured. According to the police involved in the investigation, this firing took place during the holiday party. At the same time, in the last month i.e. in June also, an incident of firing had come to the fore in which 2 people died.

The round of firing in America is not stopping

Incidents of firing have been coming to the fore in America for some time now. From Texas to Chicago and many other big cities of America, incidents are being carried out with impeccable attitude.

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