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New York, USA: There are many mysteries in the world today that are hard to believe but still true. One of such surprises is the rain of fish coming from space …

A similar case was recently reported in Texas, USA. The Texarkana area, which stretches as far as Texas and Arkansas, was hit by torrential rains last Wednesday, sending rain of fish from space.


The area was hit by two storms at the same time. As the storm moved on, people saw countless fish lying dead on the roads.

Residents of Texas and Arkansas have shared many photos and videos related to the incident on social media.

The official Facebook post of ‘Texarkana’ also reported that it was raining fish in the area. Also, a photo of the incident was shared.


This rain of fish is also called ‘Animal Rain’ or ‘Animal Rain’.

According to eyewitnesses, fish were seen falling to the ground in torrential rains along with the storm.

According to Gazette Chatlian, a meteorologist with the US National Weather Service, the fish flew into space with gusty winds. When it rains, they start falling from the sky to the ground.

Regarding the rain of fish in Texas, he says that these fish may have come from Lake Texoma to many other places. Whatever goes up, one day it falls to the ground … the same thing happens with fish.

Why does it rain fish?

According to experts, such events are caused by a hurricane or a hurricane. When a hurricane crosses the sea or a large lake, its speed increases even more on land. Fish, frogs, turtles, crabs, and sometimes even crocodiles fly in the air along with the gale force winds. These creatures keep flying in the sky with this cyclone until the wind speed decreases. As the wind slows down, these creatures begin to fall from the sky to the ground in that area.

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