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Guwahati: In a major action on Monday (May 13), Assam Police arrested two suspected terrorists from Guwahati Railway Station. According to the information received from the police, both the arrested persons are citizens of Bangladesh and they entered India illegally and after that were camping here.

Both the arrested terrorists are associated with the banned terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Their aim was to radicalize the youth of the country. Police say that they had received a tip that these people were provoking the youth by entering illegally.

Terrorists are associated with Al-Qaeda

The captured terrorists have been identified as Bahar Mian, 30, of Brahmanbari district of Bangladesh and Russell Mian, 40, of Netrokona district. Police also said that these people are associated with Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), which is linked to the banned terrorist group Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent.

Fake Aadhaar cards also seized

Giving more information, Assam Police said that these terrorists are Bangladeshi citizens. Entered India without passport and were living illegally. To expand his network, he had also obtained some documents from India. Police have also seized two Aadhar cards from them, which are suspected to be fake.

ABT was busted last year also

Terrorist organizations are leaving no stone unturned to set up their modules in India. Constantly terrorists from other countries infiltrate into India illegally and reach to disturb the peace in the country. The police also conduct continuous campaigns to crack down on terrorists. Police said that last year also the module of ABT i.e. Ansarullah Bangla Team was busted in Assam.

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