September 21, 2023

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BEG Pune showscases sapper demo to RDC cadets of NCC Nagpur

BEG Pune showscases sapper demo to RDC cadets of NCC Nagpur
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PUNE: Bombay Engineer Group(BEG) Khadki organised a special Combat Engineer demo on 03 Feb 2022 for the 07 Cadets of NCC Nagpur Group,who were part of Maharashtra’s Republic Day Contingent Jan 2022,that won the award for “Best NCC Directorate” in the country and Prime Minister’s Banner.

Brig DG Patwardhan, Commandant BEG, extended a warm welcome to the Cadets, who witnessed plethora of the various combat engineer tasks undertaken by the Sappers (nickname for personnel of Corps of Engineers), whose motto is “Sarvatra” meaning omnipresent across all types of terrain for tasks like Bridging, Mine laying/arming and neutralising of mines, explosives Improvised Explosive devices (IEDs),establishing of water point, erection of temporary or permanent shelters, training troops of other arms to be prepared for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical(NBC) warfare and other survivability tasks.

The cadets were also exposed to the nuances of training of the recruits prior to their deployments with combat engineer units.

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