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Pune, Dt. April 26 : Founding President of MIT World Peace University Prof. Dr. Vishwadharmi for his long dedicated service to education and humanity. Vishwanath Da. Karad received an honorary D.Litt from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah, USA. was honored by conferring the degree.
BYU’s 2024 batch convocation was held on Thursday, April 25. BYU President Dr. C. Shane Reese, Elder Dee Todd Christopherson, Elder Ronald Rasband, Elder Gerrit Gong, Ron Gunnell, Richard Nelson, King Hussein, Dr. Ashok Joshi and other trustee members of the board were present.
President C. Shane Rees conferred Prof.Dr. Vishwanath Da. Karad’s outstanding work in the field of education was appreciated. He also appreciated his efforts to establish world peace through inter-religious dialogue.

After accepting the delete, Vishwadharmi Prof.Dr. Vishwanath Da. Karad said, “It is necessary to include education with universal values ​​in education. It will help to create an atmosphere of Vasudhaiva Kutumb Kam and world peace. Mind, intellect, soul and body are nature principles. Today, body and mind are being thoroughly researched. But the education of soul and mind is not considered. If there is to be peace in the world, it is necessary to study mind and soul along with spirituality.”
“There should be cooperation between BYU and MIT WPU, the leading universities in America, and other universities around the world to promote the concept of value-based education system to establish a culture of peace in the world. Such Dr. Karad hopes.”
“My life is influenced by great philosopher saints like Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Tukaram of Maharashtra and Dr. Scientists like Albert Einstein have had a lasting impact. This is the influence of my elder sister Prayagakka Karad. Similarly, the inspiration from Swami Vivekananda has given life a new direction.” Said Dr. Vishwanath Karad drew on this occasion.
More than 1500 students of BYU were awarded degrees in this ceremony. These included postgraduate and doctoral degrees in various disciplines. About 25 thousand citizens were present in this convocation ceremony.

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