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Taipei: Tension is increasing continuously between China and Taiwan. On the one hand, while China is constantly trying to put pressure on Taiwan through military exercises, on the other hand, Taiwan is also strengthening its security system for bad visits. In view of this, Taiwan has proposed to buy 29 HIMARS rockets and 84 long range missile systems in its budget. Jin Truck Mount Rocket Systems has been kept in the budget proposal this time, earlier it was planned to buy only 18, but now it has been increased in view of China’s threat.


Taiwan has not only allocated funds to the army for the purchase of these two weapons, but has also proposed in the budget to buy more M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Launcher and 84 ATACMS from the US. Was previously considering buying Taiwan’s M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzers. Let us tell you that America has also supplied HIMARS to Ukraine. Their good results are coming out in the competition with Russia. These proposals given in the budget will now be debated in the house and then they can be passed.


In this budget proposal, Taiwan has also increased the number of Long Range Guided Missile System and HIMARS rocket system with a range of 300 km in view of China’s threat. HIMARS was also used during military exercises in Morocco last year. The entire budget of Taiwan this time is about TN $ (Taiwan New Dollar) $ 32.5 billion. If Taiwan approves the budget proposal in time and orders are placed, the 11 rocket systems of the first batch of HIMARS will be delivered to Taiwan by 2024. On the purchase of weapons given in this budget proposal on behalf of the army, it has been said that if they are acquired then it will be very easy to keep the enemy away from our soil. Not only this, he will not be able to get help soon.

The army making up its mind about HIMARS has now refused to purchase 40 Paladins. Taiwan’s National Security Guard took a decision in May regarding this. This was done because America had said not to deliver it on time. America says that it is not able to produce them in such numbers. It was the US who proposed the purchase of HIMARS to Taiwan in their place.

Taiwan has also talked about increasing next year’s defense budget by about 14 percent. This time Taiwan’s defense budget is NT (Taiwan New Dollar) $ 70 billion. Taiwan will use this money to build ships, warplanes, increase the number of reserve forces, manufacture and purchase weapons. Meanwhile, a deal worth NT $ 21.7 billion has also been signed between Taiwan and America. This deal is about MQ-9B SeaGuardian aerial drones, control station and its support system. It will be delivered in 2025.

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