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Taiwan: China’s military exercise Joint Sword 2024A taking place around Taiwan has been completed. China conducted exercises for two days. In a two-day exercise, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted this exercise for the first time on Taiwan and the islands under its control. Mainly China’s Navy and Air Force took part in this war exercise. From the very first day of the Chinese maneuvers, it was feared that Taiwan wouldTo harass the Chinese, they are doing this military exercise. However, some people believed that China conducted military exercises to put pressure on and surround Taiwan. China’s military exercise ends Taiwan has termed this exercise as a severe provocative action by China. In this regard, the military channel of China’s state television said that this military exercise was completed on Friday as per a pre-planned program. However, the Chinese Defense Ministry has not yet made any comment regarding this exercise. Taiwan asserts itselfThe nation has been telling. At the same time, China has declared Taiwan, which is ruled by a democratically elected government, as its part. Please note that just three days ago, Taiwan has elected a new President, whose name is Lai Ching Teh. Just three days after assuming the post of President, China conducted a two-day exercise near Taiwan. 62 fighter planes at a time According to the statement issued by Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, during this exercise, at one time 62 fighter planes were seen in the sky and 27 warships were seen practicing attack in the sea.Has gone. Of these, 46 fighter planes crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait. During this period, China also used Sukhoi 30 fighter planes and nuclear attack H-6 bombers. In his first speech after assuming the presidency, Lai Ching Te asked China to stop threatening Taiwan. He had said that Taiwan is a democratic country. China should accept its sovereignty. Only after this China conducted war exercises. Therefore, it was being said that China had carried out this exercise because of his speech.

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