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Costa Rica, April 08: Plane crashes are nothing new, but the sight of a plane splitting into two is not uncommon. Because of this, people are amazed when they see thi


s type of thing. Recently, a similar scene was seen in Costa Rica, a country in Central America. An aircraft made an emergency landing here and after landing on the runway, it split in two.

The scene was recently seen at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria International Airport, much to everyone’s surprise. The airport had to be closed on Thursday due to an accident at the airport. According to the Daily Star, DHL’s Boeing 757-200 cargo plane made an emergency landing at the airport and had a tragic accident.


According to reports, the pilot and co-pilot have been evacuated. CBS News also shared a video of the crash, which showed the plane landing on the runway. After some distance, it seems to lose its balance and the plane changes its direction. As it changes direction, it rotates and breaks its back. DHL said the inside crew was not harmed. Crew members have been sent for medical examination.

According to reports, something went wrong with the hydraulics system of the plane bound for Guantmala, after which the pilot requested an emergency landing shortly after. Costa Rica’s Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation, Louis Miranda, said the plane was still on the runway. DHL and the airport authority are trying to get the plane out of here. DHL has also ordered an inquiry into the matter.

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