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Nowadays your page does not move without Google search engine. Everyone who uses the Internet uses Google to get the information they need. (How To Use Google To Search) If you can’t find something, you say, “Oh, don’t Google it.” (What Women Search on Internet?) This is how Google’s popularity comes to our notice. The interesting thing is that people search anything on Google. And Google answers them too. One such question is currently being discussed on Google. What do married women do on Google? You too will be amazed to see this search history of women.


According to oecd.org, most married women search for information about their husbands on Google. What is special is how to make the husband happy? How to hold it in your fist? How do you know if your husband is having an affair? How to control children? In addition, married women often search for information on how to overcome obstacles in their marriage. Google Company submits reports on various topics every year. It provides information on what people are searching for. What exactly do married women search for at this time? Information about this is also given.

The reports that are submitted by Google are very useful for marketing companies. In fact, they are announced to help them. This helps in categorizing the customers. In addition, companies get information about what kind of information their customers search for the most. This information is also used in stock markets and real estate companies. Meanwhile, a report on married women is under discussion.


Women also search for industry and business
The report goes on to say that apart from the question of how to keep a husband happy, women also search for many other questions. Many married women have also researched how to control their husbands and how to deal with in-laws. Married women also search on Google for how to have a good relationship with their husbands. Women are now becoming self-reliant. In such a situation, they search various ways of doing business on Google. The question of how to start your own business is being asked by many women. Many women have been searching on Google for the right time to have a child after marriage.

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