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Pune: The whole Konkan including Goa is the land of Lord Parshuram, this is a historical, mythological truth. The land of Goa is pre-Christian. However, Goa is said to be the land of Vasco and Xavier. It was Xavier who instituted the Inquisition in Goa. The only important piece of evidence left in Goa during the Inquisition was the ‘Hand Cut’ pillar. The hands of Hindus were cut off by tying this pillar. The ‘Haat Katro’ pillar is in a completely neglected condition in Old Goa. There is a conspiracy going on between the government and the archeology department to erase this history. In many countries, including Spain and Russia, evidence and relics from the ‘Inquisition’ period are preserved and kept in museums for the whole world to see; However, in Goa, attempts are being made to suppress the truth of the ‘hand cutting’ pillar, i.e. ‘Inquisition Pillar’. The history of the atrocities committed by the Portuguese is being concealed, but the Hindu community is now awakening and we will not rest until the atrocities perpetrated by the Portuguese on the Hindu community are brought to light through the ‘Inquisition’ and ‘Haat Katro’ pillars in Goa, asserted Shri. Performed by Ramesh Shinde. He was speaking in the online special dialogue ‘Goa Files’ – ‘Atrocities of Inquisition?’ Organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

This exclusive interview featured a video showing the nature of the Inquisition. This video illustrates how ‘inquiries’ were made around the world, with illustrated and historical contexts  by Shri. Presented by Neeraj Atri . There was also an exhibition of pictorial plaques made by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, Pune and published on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.



Francis Xavier, who was responsible for enforcing the ‘Inquisition’ in Goa, and who initiated the persecution of Hindus in Goa, is being accorded the status of a saint. The atrocities against Hindus were concealed, the purpose behind this program is to awaken nationalism by bringing it before the people of the world through ‘Goa Files’, said the Secretary of Gomantak Mandir Mahasangh, Shri. Jayesh Thali said this at the time. National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha Shri. Chetan Rajhans * said at this time that St. Xavier was exalted here to protect the vote bank in Goa. An atmosphere of sympathy was created here for the Portuguese. The history of the inhuman atrocities of the Portuguese is not even taught in the school textbooks here. The pope went to those countries and apologized for the “inquiries” around the world; However, Gomantakis have not yet apologized for the ‘inquiry’ in Goa. The Pope should apologize for the ‘Inquiry’ that took place in Goa, as demanded by Hindus everywhere, including in Goa.

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