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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has passed away. On Friday morning, he was shot while giving a speech, after which he died during treatment. Leaders around the world, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressed grief over Abe’s death. Shinzo Abe has been attacked by a man named Tetsuya Yamagami, who is said to be a former soldier. Police arrested Yamagami soon after the attack and confiscated the weapon used in the murder.
shot due to disagreement
Now during the police interrogation, the attacker has revealed the motive behind this murder. Local media reported that the attacker was angry with Shinzo Abe and targeted him for expressing his dissent. According to the information, Abe was attacked with a country-made gun and he was shot from close range. Nara’s police arrested Yamagami for attempted murder and learned that the attacker had served in the Marine Self-Defense Force for three years in 2000. Police is interrogating the attacker and explosives have also been recovered from his house.
67-year-old Abe was taken to the hospital on a special plane soon after being shot but was not breathing at the time. This attack in Japan, considered one of the safest countries in the world, is surprising because there are strict laws against gun control and it is considered very difficult to get a weapon license. Describing the attack as cowardly and barbaric, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that those guilty of the incident during the election campaign will be given strict punishment.
State channel NHK has released footage of the incident in which Shinzo Abe can be seen giving a speech outside a main train station in Nara. When the gunshots were heard, Abe stood, dressed in dark blue, and raising his fist. The footage then showed Abe falling on the road and several security personnel running towards him. He was holding his hand on his chest and his shirt was covered in blood.

One day national mourning in India
The footage shows a man in a brown shirt being nabbed by security personnel the very next moment and a gun is seen falling to the ground. In another footage, election campaign officials can be seen gathering around their popular leader. Shinzo Abe was an influential leader in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, leading its largest faction, the Seiwakai. Voting for the upper house of the Japanese parliament is to be held on Sunday.
There is also a wave of mourning in India due to the death of Abe and PM Modi has declared a day of national mourning in the country on 9 July, describing him as a true friend. PM Modi praised Abe for strengthening India-Japan relations and said that not only every Japanese but also Indian is deeply shocked by his death. Apart from PM Modi, all the cabinet ministers including Defense Minister Rajnath Singh have condoled the death of Abe.

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