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Taking care of your physical and mental health is very important in today’s hectic lifestyle. Experts always recommend physical activity and meditation for this. But now a new study has found that Nature’s Sound can help people maintain their mental health. For the study, data from more than 7,500 people were collected as part of the BBC series Forest 404. The BBC series Forest 404 is a podcast depicting a world that has lost its natural habitat. The study found that participants found relief from stress and mental fatigue (Benefits of Nature’s Sound for Health) by the sound of birds singing.

Alex Smalley, a lead researcher at the University of Exeter, says: Hearing natural sounds with animals and birds can be beneficial for both mental health and peace. ”

Recognize the benefits we receive from nature and the need to preserve it for a better future. What we get from nature cannot be valued in money. “Simple ocean waves, even the sound of rain, give us different positive effects,” he said. Observations in this regard have been reported in the study.

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